A) MSCT Coronary Imaging Clinical Fellowship at HSC Medical Center

HSC Medical Center has pioneered and done the largest number of MSCT coronary angiography studies with invasive coronary angiography correlation.Because of this background, Siemens Medical has requested HSC to train doctors & radiographers from other countries via a 1-week introductory course in MSCT coronary imaging:-

  1. Dr. Philip Larrazabal & his Chief Radiographer of Cebu Doctor's Hospital, Cebu, Philippines ( Dec 1-5, 2003 )

  2. Dr. CM Chan, Mr KK Chan, Dr. WK Wong and Dr. MK Chan from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong ( Feb 16-20, 2004 )

  3. Dr. Joseph Sanki, Specialist Radiologist, Sydney, Australia. (Aug 24-27, 2004)

  4. Dr. Robert Li, Radiologist and his Chief Radiographers Mr Vincent Wong and Radiographer Mr Patrick Lee, St. Paul Hospital, Hong Kong (Nov 22-26, 2004)

  5. Dr. Lawrence Dembo, Cardiologist and Mr Jerad Murphy, Chief Technologist from St. John of God Hospital, Perth, Australia (Feb 14 - 16, 2005)

  6. Mr Irfan Rivai, Radiographer, National Cardiac Centre, Jakarta (Mar 14-18, 2005)

  7. Dr. Chang Chin Min, Radiologist, Central Clinic/Chi-May Hospital, Taiwan (Mar 22, 2005)

  8. Dr. Taj Dougal, Dr. Melvin Chew, Castlereagh Imaging, Melbourne, part of the Sonic Radiology Corporate Group, Australia (Apr 4-7, 2005)

  9. I.G.Ketut Kusuma Suganda, Radiographer from Bintoro International Hospital, Indonesia (July 18-22, 2005)

  10. Ng Leay Yong, Senior Radiographer, Radlink Diagnostic Imaging, Singapore (July 25-27, 2005)

  11. Dr. TjonDr.o Setiawan & Dr. Nelly Susanto, Radiologists, Gading Pluit Hospital, Jakarta, Indonesia (Aug 1-5, 2005)

  12. Mr. Peter Todd, Radiographer, Ballarat Cardiac Imaging, Australia (Aug 15-19, 2005)

  13. Dr.. Kevin Ho-Shon & Dr.. Senathipathi Nagaratnan, Radiologist from Strathfield Xray, Sydney, Australia (Aug 22-24, 2005)

  14. Dr. Puvaneswary, Consultant Radiologist, John Hunter Hospital, Australia (Nov 14-15, 2005)

  15. Dr. NN, Consultant Radiologist, Anwer Khan Hospital, Bangladesh (Nov 21-25, 2005)

  16. Dr. Paul Martin A.Coching, Consultant Cardiologist; Dr. Ramon Echevarria, Chairman, Department of Radiology, and Mr Alaine Perez, Radiologic Technologist; from Davao Doctos Hospital, Phillipines (Jan 16-26, 2006)

  17. Dr. Peijin Tew, Consultant Radiologist, Liverpool & Campbelltown Hospitals, Sydney, Australia (Mar 13-15, 2006)

B) International Cardiology (PTCA) Training Fellowship

HSC Medical Center has been invited to train cardiologists from other countries, like China in advanced PTCA and Stenting procedures.

  1. Dr. Qi Xin, Professor, Vice Director of Heart Center, Tianjin Union Medicine Center, Tianjin, China (May 15 - July15, 2004)

  2. Dr. Pan Xiao Ming, Interventional Cardiologist, Changzheng Hospital, Shanghai, China (April - June 2005)

C) Publications in International Medical Journals

CT of Coronary Artery Disease
Radiology 2004; 232:18-37
Department of Radiology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

D) Guest Speaker at International Seminars

Doctors from HSC Medical Center are invited as Guest Speakers at International Seminars / Conferences to present the latest developments in diagnostic medicine:-

  1. Executive Director of HSC Medical Center was invited as Guest Speaker in "Advanced Risk Management Seminar 2004" organized by Swiss Re (an International Re-Insurance Company) on Advanced Approach in Diagnosis in Kuala Lumpur on 7th September 2004. Participants from major insurance companies in Asia attended the seminar.